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Processed cheese Country House Druzhba 100g
Processed cheese Country House Yantar 100g
Processed cheese Country House Druzhba 200g
Processed cheese Country House Yantar 200g

A slice of fresh, crispy bread and soft melted cheese… what a delicious sandwich to eat paired with a cup of aromatic coffee or tea for breakfast!

As you can guess by the name, melted cheese is created using melting salts. These salts are a key ingredient in melted cheese, seeing as the melted nature of the cheese is exactly what differentiates it from other cheese varieties.

But not everyone knows that melted cheese has a whole array of additional benefits compared to traditional hard cheese: melted cheese will bring your body right into shape!

As far as nutrients, it contains phosphorus and calcium, which are good for your hair and skin. Melted cheese also contains casein, a high-quality protein that your body simply can’t do without. 

  • Our technology lets us manufacture melted cheese varieties with different appearances, fat content, and packaging, to the specification of the client, including private labeling. 
  • Our constant high quality ensures a subtle creamy taste and a uniform consistency in the final product, which are adored by consumers.
  • Only high-quality flavor additives from leading worldwide and national manufacturers are used.
  • The product quality is monitored by the Ukrainian scientific-research and training center of standardization, certification and quality, confirming our “GMO-free” marking.