Shock-frozen dairy products

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The dairy products of the Voloshkove Pole Dairy Company are traditional, high quality products with the rich milk flavor from the best farms in Ukraine. The advantage of the shock-frozen dairy products lies in the application of an innovative technology based on the use of lactic-acid living bacteria, vitamins and natural additives.

The shock-freezing technology of the Voloshkove Pole Dairy Company allows us to keep the production as fresh and tasty as the day it was made. All the vitamins and micronutrients of the fresh product are preserved.

The expiry period of shock-frozen products is 6 months.

The range of products includes: “Molozivo” vanilla cheesecake dessert, cottage cheese dessert (with dried apricots and raisins), "Sonata" curd dessert (flavors: cocoa, cappuccino, cocoa and nuts, tiramisu) and glazed cottage cheese bars (vanilla, cocoa, condensed milk, filled caramel, fruit fillings: cherry, peach, strawberry).