Powdered mixtures

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People have always been interested in preserving quick-spoiling products, and as a result, they thought of a variety of methods to do so. Powdered mixtures are a result of one of these experiments to extend the shelf life of milk.

Many scientists assert that a powdered mixture cannot be a fully qualified substitute for a fresh product. However, its chemical makeup says otherwise. Powdered mixtures contain all of the same healthy ingredients that are in the original cheese: all amino acids that participate in protein synthesis, vitamin complexes, minerals, and micronutrients. 

That said, the quality and amount of beneficial ingredients are affected heavily by storage conditions, specifically the humidity and temperature of the air. Vacuum-sealing is the method that preserves the original product most effectively.

Dry milk and whey are more hypoallergenic than the fresh versions, seeing as they contain much less cholesterol and other allergens.